Mission Statement

• Provide our clients with the highest level of service.

Work in partnership with companies who appreciate the value our
   services bring to their project and organization.

Nurture collaborative team environments where owner, designer and
   constructor work toward providing the best value, while meeting or
   exceeding project goals.

Provide accurate information for our clients, allowing them to make
   sound business decisions, while staying focused on their core

• Grow, prosper and enjoy the process.

Company Background

Erickson Consulting serves as an experienced, third party construction manager during all project phases. Working with business owner, design firm and constructor, we are able to provide high quality analysis, consultation and advice, ensuring that the interests and objectives of the owner are protected.

Erickson Consulting’s differentiating features are its depth of experience in the design and construction industry and its customer service. Our company is:

Flexible. We are capable of handling large as well as small projects

Knowledgeable. Mr. Erickson’s considerable resume encompasses
   years of construction management experience.

Focused. We are intent on providing objective, third party consultation
   for our clients to safeguard their investment and ensure the success of
   their projects.

Our commitment to responsive service has served the company well. Despite the challenges raised by economic and industry-wide uncertainty, Erickson Consulting has taken on new customers involving diverse construction projects.

Mr. Erickson is a construction industry professional and leader with 30 years experience in every aspect of the design and construction management process. He possesses the ability to provide projects with a ”big picture” view supported by an intimate knowledge of project detail. He brings a high level of integrity and honesty, and a wealth of design and construction experience to his work.

Headquartered in Warren, Vermont, our company is able to service clients throughout New England and northeastern New York.

References furnished upon request.

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